Thursday, 30 May 2013


I'm pretty new to this in truth so I'll start with the basics...

Ryan Williams, An outgoing, fun loving University Student living in Coventry and from Birmingham.

I am a practicing Artist specialising in Public Interaction, Documentary, Video Installation and Ready Made Construction.

Part-time Bartender, full-time Social Critic and some-time Revolutionary

In terms of the main aims of this blog, I want it to be an outlet for my artwork to be seen but also to show what my eye sees and what I wear.

I have slowly became more and more conscious about what I would wear over the past 18 months starting with my Sneeks then working through to being a full blown clothes addict.

I like my jeans skinny dirty paint ridden and rough looking and pin tied, my tees baggy sleeves rolled, my shirts exotic (hawaiian, floral, aztec, paisley) and my snapback backwards. My prize items are my Trainers. My collection now exceeds 30 pairs, classics, on-trend or down right outrageous - I don't really have set a theme i just buy what i like!

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