Friday, 7 June 2013


A simple chronological photographic study series of liquids and their relationships produced January 2012.

Waterproof inks resisting its counterpart and thus dancing elegantly together through the confined space.

No sense of choreography just pure romance.

Or is it just a bit of ink in a water bottle?



A suggestive installation instigated by the protective and escapist nature of books produced by myself earlier this year.
This piece was produced by myelf in May/June 2012 and exhibited in July 2012, my initial concept was to look at recycling and the ways in which i could use an obsolete material for another purpose.
I found my self becoming encapsulated within the world of literature, literally and metaphorically due to having such a diverse range of contextual research and a mountain of 900 paperback and hard back books. I new what message i wanted to display, i just wasn't sure how. I found myself having a "Eureka" moment, where i questioned myself, why do people read?
I read to escape what is going on in the real world, to forget about my problems and to allow me even for a brief while to be whoever i want and to be anywhere i want to be. Hence, me creating a repository of books, i built my fort like structure around an illuminated chair; connoting to a person, who is enclosed within the protection and security of books. This is alike the bond formed between me and a novel.